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Cranberry CowlHi, I’m Angela, and I am the pattern designer behind CreatiKnit!   I remember long ago, when I would see beautifully knit and crochet items, I really wanted to learn…but, I thought it was TOO complicated and a skill for the elite!

Then one day, a group of friends were going to try it…HA!  I went for it!  Uh-Oh…

My first project was a knit washcloth…it looked like something out of a horror film!  I almost gave up on it, I’m a bit of a perfectionist…If I can’t make it perfect when first starting out, I get very frustrated!!

So, I kept practicing…crooked washcloth after crooked washcloth…but eventually I got the hang of it!  Now I LOVE it!

The horror!

Blending my love of creativity with knitting & crocheting is how CreatiKnit came to life.  Creating new patterns and designs from my ideas, is such a passion for me!  Watching concepts come to life, and getting to share them with you is what makes this so wonderful!  I hope you love it here, and I hope I can inspire you to knit & crochet all you can! 🙂

Your knitting friend,

Angela from Creatiknit.com