Feb 18, 2016

How to Crochet a Market Bag Course on Curious.com!

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CreatiKnit.com - How to crochet a market bag

Ok, so I wanted to share my brand new course with you that I made for Curious.com!

How to Crochet a Market Bag!

Curious is an awesome place to learn things from flower arranging to foreign languages!  Everything there is very visual and uses video to teach you!

This is a super detailed course that will show you how to make your own beautiful market bag…from start to finish!

I made this super easy to understand, so you can easily follow along and actually crochet one! 🙂  You’ll love how beautiful this bag works up.  I designed it to be open in the center areas, allowing air flow to your market goods…and it looks pretty!

You can see all the topics that are covered in the course video and photos below:

CreatiKnit.com - Stitches Overview - Cover VideoI will show you all the necessary stitch techniques you’ll need to know.  And, don’t worry…I explain it really simply! 😉

Every stitch you’ll need to make this bag will be covered in this course.

CreatiKnit.com - How to increase in crochet - Video CoverNext, you’ll learn the basics of increasing in crochet, along with skills you can take with you for life!

If you don’t know how to increase, then this will give you the basics you need.

CreatiKnit.com - Magic Loop Time - Cover VideoWe will watch how to make a Magic Loop (Magic Circle).  A great skill to have for so many crochet projects out there!

CreatiKnit.com - Make the Base - Cover VideoYou will begin by making the base of your market bag.

Applying some of the stitches you learn in the ‘stitches overview’ lesson!

CreatiKnit.com - First Ivory Lace Sequence - Cover VideoNext, you will get a step by step explanation and ‘follow along’ on how to work the first ivory lace sequence!

This is much easier than it looks and gives you a stunning lacework pattern that you’ll love! 🙂

CreatiKnit.com - Make the blue middle stripe - Cover VideoAs a nice divider, you will crochet a blue stripe for the middle of your bag!

Giving your bag a nice transition design between the ivory and green lace sequences.

CreatiKnit.com - Second Green Lace Sequence - Cover VideoThe second green lace sequence you make will be exactly the same as the ivory sequence.

With this course, you will also get a PDF written explanation of these 2 patterns.  So, you can follow the video and written notes for complete and thorough directions.

CreatiKnit.com - the handle - Cover Video(1)Now, if you’ve never crocheted a handle for a bag…not to worry!

This is SO easy!  Plus, you can follow along with me in the video.

CreatiKnit.com - Finishing techniques - Video CoverThe finishing techniques section will show you exactly how to put those finishing touches on your lovely market bag!

See how to weave in yarn ends, and close up your bag, for a neat and tidy look.

CreatiKnit.com - How to Launder your Market BagIn the final course, you’ll learn how to launder your market bag!

Discover how to care for your bag, so it will last you many years to come. You’ll love how extensive this course is, with SO much detail!

At the end, you will have a gorgeous market bag you made yourself!  Once you learn, you can make them as gifts or for yourself.

You will walk away with skills you can carry with you forward onto all of your crochet journeys!

This course is available on Curious.com when you sign up! And, once you subscribe to Curious, you will not only get access to my course…but to all courses!  

And as a special treat for CreatiKnit fans…Curious is offering you a 20% discount for signing up using this link:

How to Crochet a Market Bag Course via CreatiKnit

Keep being creative!

Angela from Creatiknit.com

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, you won’t pay a penny more, and I’ll receive a small commission…which keeps this blog going!

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  1. Blanca Santiago says:

    Preciosas sus piezas, donde puedo conseguir los patrones?

    1. Angela says:

      Usted puede comprar las instrucciones aquí!

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